Xishuangbanna Golden Triangle Touring and Shipping Co.Ltd

    Founded in 2003, Xishuangbanna Golden Triangle Touring and Shipping Co. Ltd has been a touring and shipping enterprise that covers the longest river areas from Lantsang River to Mekong River, and also with the most abundant strength. The company has also been dedicated to developing the Lantsang River & Mekong River golden touring line; It has primarily been engaged in the Lantsang River &Mekong River international touring and shipping, domestic passenger transportation; The company has also provided some charting boat business in requisite for official visit, fixed line touring by different enterprise and public institutions, travel agencies and other groups.

    To satisfy customers’ needs for travel and visit, and activate the aquatic touring passenger transportation on Lantsang River and Mekong River, the company has developed the touring line covering from Jinghong Port to Olive Dam, Guanlei, Chiangsan (Thailand), town of Luang prabang (Laos) of Xishuangbanna, and also built a regular time passenger airline from Jinghong, China to Chiangsan Port, Thailand that starts in the morning and returns in the evening; the aquatic touring between Qingsheng, Thailand and Golden Triangle, as well as the Mengxi Island ,Laos, has exerted a positive influence in Golden Triangle Region. The company has pushed forward the “Meigonghe River Impression”, “Night Touring Lantsang River---Romantic Touring on the River” programs, with a combination of domestic market needs.








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