Mengjinglai, Xishuangbanna

    Mengjinglai Scenic Area in Xishuangbanna is a comprehensive eco-tourism attraction built in strict accordance with the standards of national AAAA level scenic spots, dedicated to the theme of ethnic minorities, religious culture, ancient Dai villages, farming culture and border culture. In May 2005, it was promoted to the national AAA scenic spot, in February 2010, it passed the assessment of "First 50 Rural Tourism Villages in Yunnan province", and in January 2013, it was awarded more than ten titles by the China Foundation for Cultural Preservation including "Base for Inheritance, Protection and Demonstration of Dai Culture", and "Demonstration Base for Chinese Cultural Tourism".

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    Mengjinglai, renowned as the No. 1 village on the China-Myanmar border, is located at the southwest corner of China, Daluo Town, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna. The village lies beside Kunluo Highway, 5 km away from Daluo Port, adjacent to Menglar, the capital of the Fourth Special District of Shan State of Myanmar, and famous tourist city. Mengjinglai is a typical traditional Dai village adjacent to Myanmar, and the villagers frequently intermingle and intermarry with the Shan people in Myanmar, which give rise to a rare mixing of Dai and Shan.
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    The scenic spot covers an area of 5.6 square kilometers, in which you will see hundreds of acres of paddy field, fish ponds, pastoral landscape, solemn pagoda groups, and the thousand-year-old sacred tree. In the primitive but exquisite village that keeps the distinctive simplicity of the traditional architectural style and where the hospitable Dai people live, you will feel the true conception in Peach-Blossom Spring by Tao Yuanming.
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    In Mengjinglai scenic area, apart from experiencing Dai’s life style, religious culture, pastoral landscape, and farming culture, you can also enjoy performances of traditional Dai crafts including old-fashioned papermaking, blacksmithing, potting, sugar refining and alcohol brewing, while you can take part in a series of traditional handicraft activities with ethnic features like Dai’s traditional brocading or potting on your demand.

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