Egg-hunting Party in Yunnan Wild Animal Park

    Egg-hunting Party is a conventional event of Yunnan Wild Animal Park on every New Year’s Day. As the New Year’s Day approaching, the atmosphere of the party is getting stronger. Before the party, there are hundreds of children gathered to scrawl the eggs in the park in advance and the scrawled eggs will be showed for tourists on New Year’s Day.

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    During the Egg-Hunting Party, dozens kinds of rare eggs are displayed in Yunnan Wild Animal Park, such as eggs of ostrich, emus, snakes,peacocks,swans and grus japonensis. Certainly,  ordinary eggs can also be seen there, for example, eggs of hens, ducks, geese and quails. Tens of thousands of eggs are hidden everywhere in the zoo waiting for tourists to find out and bring them home. Besides, there are various games about eggs as well, for instance, egg-guessing games, egg-playing games egg-rolling games, egg-fishing games,etc..
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    Moreover, there is also an exhibition of odd eggs on the party and the peculiar eggs are collected from all over the world. By this public collection way, the exhibition of odd eggs of Yunnan Wild Animal Park become more and more colorful and interesting.
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